Constant Reinvention

By Sammy Hoever

For designer Sammy the future of exploration won’t be limited to earth.
She believes exploration will take us out of our atmosphere and to completely
new planets. This was her main muse of inspiration.

“During my research I found out that there are mountains on other planets, including Mars. In fact, the three largest mountains in the universe are on Mars. The items I made are all inspired by the EVA space suit and by original details of The North Face’s Himalayan Suit. Together they tell the future story of the first person to climb the biggest planetary mountain in the universe called Olympus Mons.”

Sammy Hoever


The future of exploration to me is constantly reinventing yourself. I think it’s really important that we think about sustainability, that we learn how we can make new items from things that already exist. Everything is inspired by a spacesuit, the Eva suit, and also by original details from The North Face. I think I gave them a second chance by not only giving them a new function but also I think I gave them a story.