Embracing Your
Inner Child

By Ruben Jurriën

Designer Ruben has brought overt playfulness to his designs as a reminder to
keep your inner child alive. He chose to create more than just wearable garments;
he’s also created whimsical toylike accessories too.

“I want to remind people not to grow up too fast. We should experience the world innocently and naively like a child, but with a conscious mind, respecting nature.”

Ruben Jurriën


I just feel like clothing is the perfect medium to show the world what you want to say. For my items I actually recycled a lot of the products by just taking them apart, reattaching, detaching. My main thing is deconstructing then reconstructing a new garment. The meaning with these pieces is don’t grow up too fast. Connect with your inner child so. Experience your world innocently and naively but with a conscious mind and have fun. Be who you are.