Reconnecting Humans
With Nature

By Juris Efneris

Conceptual and social fashion designer Juris describes himself as a “dead-stock”
designer, trying to give new meaning and value to materials labelled as waste to
prevent them ending up in landfills. All of his designs are rooted in his childhood
memories of growing up in the countryside, surrounded by nature.

“When I go into nature I have a dialogue with nature and with myself. I find peace there and discover not just new paths, but
also a new direction for myself.”

Juris Efneris


With every project that I start I look for inspiration and I draw this inspiration from my early exploration, which was also the assignment from The North Face. I grew up in the countryside so nature was always around me. And I tried to explore different paths towards sustainability and also blend them together with my early memories. I really tried to stay true to myself but also implement The North Face functionality in it. We can avoid wasting products and adding new value. Just really having fun and exploring the process as well, and not only the end product.