Exploration Of The Mind

By Bo Beckers

Fashion and materials designer Bo is fascinated by philosophy, believing
it gives us a window into the future, a future where exploration will take place
mentally as well as physically. He’s also passionate about nature and its calming,
soothing effects, which he feels is what human beings need more of.

“The serenity of the colours, organic shapes, growth and all the little details of the plants, flowers and stones carry so much knowledge. I feel like this is something we have only
scratched the surface of.”

Bo Beckers


“I wanted to make the material a bit more of my own. When I found the geodome tent it all came together. I picked the colors together which I wanted to use, and then I started to look at the materials, and the layers within. So I could also embed my concept more into the material. It’s very important to create a garment that is functional, to be able to explore in a world that has evolved.”