Female exploration
beyond imagined boundaries

By Ana Cristina Codreanu

Femininity runs through all of women’s wear designer Ana Cristina’s creations.
She wanted to combine the strength of pioneering women with traditional female
handcrafts, such as embroidery and patchwork, to highlight the huge strides
made by female explorers.

“I was inspired by female climbers that used to summit peaks wearing dresses with corsets. To me, that was an
act of bravery and strength.”

Ana Cristina Codreanu


I am really interested in digital prototyping, it’s a very sustainable way of working and that is exactly what I did for my The North Face collaboration. I use my The North Face items by taking them apart and then patchwork them into new pattern pieces. I got inspired by female climbers, so this really drove me to create a very feminine exploration gear to continue the legacy of female exploration beyond the boundaries.

Alyssa Carson, who wants to be one of the first people to walk on Mars, was another inspirational figure. “Together they inspired me to create very feminine exploration gear, to continue the legacy of female exploration beyond
the imagined boundaries.”