Lorenzo Tolomei


Martina Mercuri

“Exploration is rooted in a sense of the future. It is both the awareness of the unknown and the consequential discovery of new knowledge.”


Lorenzo Tolomei
& Martina Mercuri


The natural and urban environments aren’t set apart; in reality, they eternally influence each other. There’s a continuous exploration of sensations that overlap. Biunivocity explores this juxtaposition of natural and urban: sounds meet, emotions evolve and sensory elements come into play.

The juxtaposition of two worlds that intersect within a single project. Let us dwell for a moment on the sensations: it is interesting to capture the different emotions that urban and natural places arouse,reaching the soul of the person. Perceptions are different for everyone: there are those who call sound the noise of the city and noise the sounds of nature. Let’s start from here, where sounds meet, emotion evolves and sensory elements come into play.

“Exploration is facing change without fear.”