Asking Why

Because change doesn’t happen
without questioning the status-quo.

Run a mile, so others can run too. When someone asks ‘why?’, ask ‘why not?’.
Stephanie Case is a runner and human rights lawyer. She runs for what’s right.

“Why put limits
on ourselves
we’ve even started.”

Stephanie Case

Runner and Human Rights Lawyer.

Stephanie founded Free to Run to provide opportunities for women and girls in areas of conflict to safely and boldly run outside, helping them to reclaim public space, and in turn change societal views about the roles that women can and should be playing.

Trail Light

Trail Light

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To all the women who dare to go first.

That move mountains,
so we can move forward together.

Who climb,
so others can reach higher.

Who ask why
and feel proud to be different.

Who stand tall,
so others can stand taller.

Who speak up,
to give others a voice.

Who start a journey,
for others to continue.