Have you ever
raced the sun?

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Discover what you’re capable of with our trail running collection.

Flight Series™ is our premier trail running line using innovative designs, break-through technologies and optimised fabric constructions so you can run longer, stronger.

Flight Series™Women's collection

Have you ever
pushed through
the first mile at dawn?

Flight Series™Men's collection

Have you ever
stepped into
your element?

Lightweight, sweat wicking and effortlessly comfortable, get ready to discover what you’re capable of with our trail running collection.

Trail RunningWomen's collection

Have you ever
disappeared beneath

Trail RunningMen's collection

Have you ever
chosen sunrise over sleep?

Arm wrestled the wind?

Carried the sun across mountains?

Made a survival pact with Mother Nature?

Have you ever
scraped dirt of your soul?

Held on to nothing?

Asked how much longer?

Have you ever
yelled at a rock?

Peeled stories from your palms?

Have you ever
tasted rivers?

Disappeared beneath giants?

Been at the mercy of the elements?

Followed the path of adrenaline, to run harder, climb higher?

Pushed beyond the bruises?

Have you ever
let magic hour take you over?

Shared adventure with total strangers?

Have you been free to discover what you’re capable of?