The North Face Cradle Guideā„¢ technology offers full Phase Impact Control, a system that guides the foot through all 3 stances of the gait cycle, impact, mid foot and Toe-off. This system is engineered to provide the perfect combination of cushioning, stability and protection for any foot on any terrain, letting the hiker or runner move swiftly and lightly over backcountry trails.

IMPACT - Cradle Guide cushions the impact and canters the heel.
PRONATION - Smooth transition from heel to mid-foot and supports a healthy rate of pronation.
FOREFOOT - Facilitates the natural supination phase and provides cushion through the force peak.

FLAT - Cradle guide supports the natural motion of the foot.
UPHILL - The high impact is reduced through the softer layer of the EVA.
DOWNHILL - Cradle Guide layers give the foot the perfect balance of cushion and guidance.