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Perpetual Motion

Give yourself the freedom to come as you are. With this capsule collection, you’ll move seamlessly and with confidence in engineered knits, stretch fabrics and protective technologies.

We are in constant motion. In stillness our minds can journey. While in movement our minds can be stilled. It’s about finding balance, a balance that’s your own.

The second capsule collection for NSE in spring 2022 celebrates this freedom to do you.

To be your authentic self.

Regardless of your shape or identity, the styles in this collection are about positive expression – the freedom to come as you are, embrace your body and celebrate your ability to move.

To do this, we’ve harnessed engineered knitwear, made up of three yarns woven

together seamlessly

Not only does this deliver buttery smooth comfort

It also provides forgiving stretch giving you the freedom to move as you please. And there’s an interplay of performance fabrics to protect you from the elements with city-ready design lines for everyday use. It’s highly technical yet effortlessly simple.

Both capsule collections for NSE in spring 2022 are a playful embrace of the future of exploration

One that’s not bound by identity,
shapes or sizes. One that’s not
boxed or hemmed in.

A future that celebrates authenticity and growth and accepts that change is inevitable.

This is for the new era of exploration.