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Be prepared to move at a moment’s notice.

The North Face

Thermoball™ jacket

Light, versatile, and ultra-packable. Thermoball™ is the jacket for life on the move, when mobility matters most.

The North Face

apex flex jacket

When the weather is at its worst, Apex Flex rises to the challenge. Keeps the rain out, keeps the warmth in, from summit to city street.

The North Face

Nuptse Jacket

Inspired by our iconic jacket designed in 1996 that features a revolutionary baffle construction, our new 700-fill goose down style is an enhanced replica of the original.

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Embodying Exploration Across The Globe #NeverStopExploring

Our diverse squad of adventure-seekers, united by a drive to make their mark on the world through exploration.

The North Face The North Face
As a pianist and composer, Okiem combines piano and synths with orchestral instruments to create his signature ‘Cinematic Classical’ sound, captivating live audiences globally and enhancing his burgeoning reputation as a musical phenom.
Okiem will create an immersive music experience for an intimate crowd, who will become much more than just an audience
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German Adventurer
German Adventurer is Thomas, a photographer with an everlasting desire to explore new corners of the globe. Through his photography, Thomas takes his audience on a journey, motivating many to go where they would not have gone before.
Thomas will choose 6 explorers to join him on a 3-day mountain adventure in the German Alps.
The North Face
Marie Mouroum
Berlin-based stuntwoman Marie Mouroum has a background in martial arts and acting. Roles in hit movies Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War have helped her establish a career that pushes her mental and physical limits on a daily basis.
Marie will choose 8-10 participants to join her for a day of physical and mental exploration where they will learn the different elements needed to take part in an action stunt scene.
The North Face The North Face The North Face
Sophie Everard
The mastermind behind ‘Mad to Live’ and ‘Mad to Live Retreats’, Sophie documents all her creative, fitness, and exploration endeavours, inspiring countless others to go seek everyday adventures.
Sophie will take 6 women on a very special retreat to explore Putsborough, a surfers paradise and location very close to her heart.