What’s a good backpack for travelling?

A good backpack for travelling should provide a number of requirements, from comfort and practicality to durability and security. Whether you’re embarking on the adventure of a lifetime or heading off on a weekend city break, a good backpack is an essential part of your travel kit.


What should I look for in a travel backpack?

It’s difficult to know what to look for in a travel backpack at first, but our range of backpacks ensures there is something for everyone, from urban exploring to mountain trekking.

The first step in finding your ideal travel backpack should be looking at your personal requirements, from size and ease of access to style and comfort. 



Comfort is one of the first things you should look for in a travel backpack and is also one of the most important. Regardless of whether your rucksack includes all the features and functionalities you require, if it’s not comfortable to wear then it’s not the backpack for you. 

At a minimum, your ideal travel backpack should include adjustable and padded shoulder straps, easily adjustable torso straps and should also be capable of balancing the weight of your items evenly.

The North Face DynoCarry collection has been designed with comfort and an unparalleled fit in mind. The DynoCarry System and range of backpacks include features such as self-equalising load lifters, on-the-go torso adjustment and a pivoting hipbelt.




Size definitely matters when it comes to finding the right rucksack for your needs. Travel backpacks are generally measured in litres and most airlines state that a 45-litre bag is the maximum you can take as hand luggage. However, you’ll also need to take the dimensions into consideration and check with your chosen airline/s when doing your research. 

For travel with your backpack as hand luggage, a 20-30 litre bag will be plenty, but for more long-term travel you’ll need something between 35-45 litres.

The North Face Hydra 38 Hiking Backpack is a great middle-ground choice when it comes to size; it has a 38-litre capacity and comfortable carrying system, in addition to waterproof properties and easy-access pockets. 



When it comes to choosing the material for your backpack, it’s worth thinking about what you’ll be using the backpack for and what weather you may experience in your destination. If rugged terrain and unpredictable weather are on the agenda, it’s worth investing in a waterproof and durable backpack, or one with a waterproof cover that can withstand these conditions.

Our Waterproof Rolltop Bag provides an impenetrable moisture barrier, in addition to fully taped seams to ensure your belongings stay dry no matter what.

In addition to covering the waterproof elements of the fabric, you should also look for materials that dry quickly and offer breathability. You’ll potentially be carrying your rucksack for long periods of time outdoors and you’ll definitely want these features to be included should the weather take a turn for the worse!



Backpacks are no longer just a single space to store your belongings; there are now a plethora of features and functions available, each designed to make packing and unpacking a much easier task. A good travel backpack should include additional internal pockets for securing your important items, as well as external pockets for quick access when travelling through airports or train stations. 

When travelling, you’re likely to be carrying important documents that you can’t afford to lose with you, such as your passport or driving license. Therefore, security should be a crucial part of the design when it comes to choosing your travel backpack. Your bag should be easily lockable with a padlock and also include internal pockets for storing these personal items when you do not need to access them quickly. 

The main section of your bag is important too; some top-loading backpacks can make it hard to access your items quickly and easily, so opting for an opening at the front will make your life much easier. 

A less thought of feature but one that we think is essential is a floating top lid that expands. This feature comprises a detachable pocket at the top of the backpack which can be used to store more items or removed if not needed. It’s inevitable that you’ll want to buy a few bits and pieces on your adventure, but if you’ve already packed your rucksack to the brim it’ll be difficult to fit new items in. 

The Terra 65-Litre Hiking Backpack is a great choice for combining easy access, with extra storage in the floating top lid.

Finding a good backpack for travelling should be a priority when planning your adventure, whether you’re planning to embark on a three-month tour of Europe or spend a weekend exploring the streets of Amsterdam. Choose your ideal travel companion from The North Face range of backpacks.