What is tri climate?

Triclimate refers to the functionality of thermal jackets that combine a fleece and waterproof shell for insulation and comfort. You can combine compatible layers to achieve any level of jacket thickness and warmth. Triclimate technology uses polyurethane to regulate body temperature, making these jackets versatile and suitable for all weather.

Triclimate technology combines synthetic layers to provide both thermal benefits and an impenetrable moisture barrier in hooded jackets. The outer shell uses DryVent™ fabric to provide full waterproof protection, keeping you dry even in the wettest of conditions. Each Triclimate jacket uses a variation of the DryVent™ material, though the technology always guarantees moisture impermeability and durability. The technology is fully lab and field-tested to ensure compliance with the highest standards of breathability and water resistance. 

With designs available in a wide spectrum of colours and fits to suit all, the Triclimate range includes jackets for menwomen and children.

What is The North Face Triclimate?

Renowned for effective use of polyurethane technology, The North Face Triclimate jackets feature external waterproof shells and internal fleeces for thermal protection. These insulating jackets are go-to protective coats that you can adapt for protection in all weather and seasons.

Many North Face Triclimate garments complement each other. For example, the insulation layer features a zip that you can secure to compatible waterproof shells. This allows you to tailor the lightness or heaviness of your jacket to your needs. Additional zips on the wrist and neck sections of the insulation layer further secure the fleece to the outer jacket. Garments can be easily attached or detached while wearing the jacket: the shell can be simply slipped over the fleece and secured using the zip and toggle loops.

Each Triclimate jacket is complete with a fully adjustable and, in some models, a removable hood. These are often attached with a zip, poppers or elasticated adjustment cords, and you can securely fix the hood to fit your head perfectly to protect against the weather.

What is a North Face Triclimate jacket?

A North Face Triclimate jacket is a practical and feature-rich hooded coat designed to protect you in even the most extreme weather. An essential for those who spend time outdoors in cold seasons, Triclimate jackets secure outer and inner components of your choice, regulating your body temperature in all weather.

Many North Face Triclimate jackets feature Velcro® storm flaps, which keep rain from entering the jacket via the zip teeth or buttonholes. Adjustable cuffs tighten around the wrists using Velcro® to prevent wind or rain from blowing into the jacket. An additional brushed collar lining adds a comfortable, warm layer where the skin makes contact with the fleece. 

For further protection, an elastic drawcord tightens around the hem of the jacket, securing it to your body to prevent wind or rain from blowing into the coat from underneath. Double zips enable complete freedom of movement and ventilation, as you can zip and unzip the jacket from both the top and bottom of the garment. Some Triclimate jackets also feature ‘pit zips’ under the arms for further temperature regulation and ventilation.

Designed with spacious pockets, you’ll be able to have direct access to all the essentials – map, phone, compass and such like – without having to fish around in your backpack for them.