Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods

Rock Climber

Daniel Woods’ rise to climbing eminence is comparable to the early career of a certain golf legend with the same last name. Both started at a very young age—Daniel began climbing when he was five. Both share a long list of championships. Also, it’s likely that at least one person has described Daniel as a real “Tiger” on vertical rock.



Born in 1989, Daniel Woods tackles some of the climbing world’s toughest routes while many others his age are thinking about prom night. It’s not that he is oblivious to life away from the world of limestone, chalk, and finger holds; he just calls it “multi-tasking” and also points out that he is an “A” and “B” student at Colorado’s Longmont High School, about 40 miles north of Denver and a 15-minute drive to the nearest climbing.

Daniel entered his first climbing competition when he was eight years old and has since become a standard fixture at many top-level championships. Most recently, he took the North American Bouldering Championship and won his second consecutive USAC/ABS National Championship, beating out a bevy of more experienced, adult challengers. He has also notched noteworthy routes like Echale (V14 FA, when he was 15); Livin’ Astro (5.14c) in Rumney, New Hampshire; Esperanza (V14) in Hueco Tanks, Texas; and Mandalion (V14) in Bishop, California. Through it all, he aims to keep a healthy perspective and a balanced approach toward climbing, relationships, family, and everything else life has to offer. “I am a fun person to be around and a lot like anybody else,” he says. “I love music, snowboarding, eating, and pretty much any physical activity.”

While even the biggest walls top out somewhere, the sky is the limit with Daniel. These days, he is thinking beyond high school (“I am planning to take a year off before college to travel, climb, and compete as much as I can. Afterward, I want to go to school in California.”) and has some big climbs planned. “My next big climbing project is to push my limits to the next level,” he says. “I want to be able to flash V13 or 8B, climb 14d to 15a route, and win World Cup competitions.”

Woods adds, “I am most inspired by how there is no limit to what can be done. It’s the exploration involved in finding a new FA or the physical and mental side of achieving a hard piece of rock that has already been done.”

And, how about many years from now? With youthful exuberance, Woods rapid fires through a number of goals, “In 10 years I want my life to be climbing. I want to push my limits and the sports limits. I want to be climbing the impossible and also competing in many World Cups both for bouldering and rope climbing. My goal is to help people become better climbers as well.”

Then, he seems to stop and think, before adding, “I just want to climb.”

Quick Facts

Favorite Destination for Your Sport: South Africa

Favorite The North Face Product: The down jacket! Best thing ever invented!

Proudest Moment: Sending the 7pm show when I was 13 in Riffle, CO.

Words To Live By: Live life to the fullest; no regrets.

Favorite Book: A Wrinkle in Time

Ambition: Travel around rock climbing, living the dream and punching the standards.

Inspiration Within the Sport: How there is no limit to what can be done. The exploration part of finding a new FA or the physical and mental side of achieving a hard piece of rock that has already been done.

Dream Vacation: I would go to the Rocklands again with my girlfriend and friends.

Career Highlights

2007 * USAC/ABS National Championship (B). 1st 2006

  • Teva Mountain Games (B) Climbing Competition. 1st
  • UIAA World Cup (B). Roverto, Italy. 12th
  • Mammut Bouldering Championship III (B). 1st
  • USAC National Championship (D). 1st
  • USAC/ABS National Championship (B). 1st
  • Mammut Bouldering Championship I (B). 1st
  • Armed Response (V13). Rocklands, South Africa
  • The Vice (V13). Rocklands, South Africa
  • Aslan (V14). Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
  • The Swarm (V14). Bishop, California
  • Mandalion (V14). Bishop, California
  • Necessary Evil (5.14c), Virgin River Gorge, Arizona
  • Ode to the Modern Man (V15 FA, First V15 established in Colorado), Mt. Evans, Colorado
  • Breaking the Law (5.14b), St. George, Utah 2005
  • USAC/ABS National Championship (B). 1st
  • Teva Mountain Games (B) Climbing Competition. 1st
  • The Centaur (V13, Straight Up). Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
  • Esperanza (V14). Hueco Tanks, Texas
  • Freaks of the Industry (V14). Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
  • 2005 Livin’ Astro (5.14c). Rumney, New Hampshire
  • 2005 Gutless Wonder (5.14b SA). The Puoux, Colorado
  • Steady Slobbin (5.14b). Rumney, New Hampshire
  • Primetime to Shine (5.14b FA). Clear Creek, Colorado
  • Super Tweak (5.14b). Logan Canyon, Utah
  • Zulu (5.14a). Rifle, Colorado 2004
  • UIAA North American Championship (B). 1st
  • UIAA North American Championship (D). 3rd
  • UIAA Youth World Championship (D). 3rd
  • Teva Mountain Games (B) Climbing Competition. 2nd
  • UIAA Youth World Championship (D). 2nd
  • Crown of Aragorn (V13, one hour). Hueco Tanks, Texas
  • Echale (V14 FA). Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado
  • Circadian Rhythm (V14). Poudre Canyon, Colorado
  • Lung Fish (5.14a). Rifle, Colorado 2003
  • The 7 p.m. Show (5.14a). Rifle, Colorado

Film/Media Highlights:

  • Climbing, September 2006, Issue 251: Appears on cover
  • Specimen, A Chuck Fryberger Film, 2006.