Without Compromise

We're helping our
most sustainable
products stand out.

When products are made with 75% or greater recycled, regenerative and/or responsibly-sourced renewable materials- and if they have a DWR finish, it's non-fluorinated - they earn our Exploration Without Compromise badge.

Every season we calculate the percentage of recycled, regenerative and/or responsibly-sourced renewable fabric content by weight in our products. To do so we use four key pieces of information: the weight and width of the fabrics, how much fabric is used to make the product (also known as the "yield") and the percentage of sustainable contrent in the fabrics.

Our preferred materials include recycled cotton, polyester, nylon and wool, organic cotton, Lenzing TENCEL lyocell and cotton grown with practices that sequester carbon into the soil.

We also track the type of Durable Water Repellent (DWR) chemicals used on your products, working to transition our DWR to non-fluorinated options.