Mountain Jacket

Himalayan Parka


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1966. Born to serve the needs of expeditions in the harshest regions in the world, these products have taken on lives of their own. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, innovative design and athlete insights, they were revolutionary. Now, they are iconic, worn and used everywhere from city streets to mountains tops.

Mountain Jacket

Developed to give climbers the same protection from extreme conditions as skiers, the original Mountain Jacket became an icon for good reason. Worn by the first American team to scale the six classic north faces of the Alps in a single season, it has everything to offer, and nothing left to prove.


One mile southwest of Everest. Five miles up. It gets cold on Nuptse summit, real cold. Which is why the jacket we named after it is famed for its game-changing warmth. From Himalayan base camps to downtown Manhattan, the Nuptse Jacket is iconic for thriving in frigid conditions.

Himalayan Parka

As world-class climbers started reaching for new heights, they needed protection from increasingly harsh conditions. Our athletes spoke. Our designers listened. The result? An Expedition System – including the ultra-warm Himalayan Parka – that became the gold standard in high-altitude climbing and cold-weather survival.


Born from need, worn for desire – nothing symbolises free-spirited adventure quite like the Denali. Debuted on the backs of Todd Skinner and Paul Piana during their historic, 30-day free climb of Yosemite’s Salathé Wall, it set a new standard for technical fleece and has become a staple for expeditions and urban explorers alike.


If there could be just one bag to symbolise epic adventures, it’d be this. Made of burly fabrics, and built to be transported by porters, yaks and camels, thousands of these hard-wearing gear totes circumnavigate the globe, journeying everywhere from expedition base camps to urban metropolises.