The Virtual Apex



Three letters. On their own, they don’t look like much. But what they stand for couldn’t be more fundamental: NEVER STOP EXPLORING. It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are. At The North Face, our need to explore is in our DNA.

Right from the beginning, way back in 1966, we’ve ventured into the unknown. We’ve dared to disrupt and question the status quo. We’ve asked ‘what if?’ and ‘why not?’. Even the fact that an outdoor company was founded in the heart of a very urban San Francisco should make it clear we believe exploration happens everywhere.

For us, exploration is a mindset, an approach and a way of experiencing the world. So whether exploring a new peak or a new neighbourhood, we are all united as explorers.

The NSE collection pays homage to this. Rooted in our mountain heritage, drawing on cultural movements, building on innovation and embracing city ready design, NSE is a celebration of our icons, our history in the outdoors and exploration at large.

To create each lifestyle collection, we delve into our archives and dare to think differently about what we find. We look for the rare, the divergent, the anomalies. But also the reminiscent and familiar – the identifying factors that are The North Face. Each collection is unique, but as a whole they’re united in their embrace of innovation, individuality and inspiration.

So take your inhibitions, your prejudices and your fears, and dump them somewhere. You won’t need them where we’re going.